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Job name: Example 2, v=0.025

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Heatmap of unfolding of substrate (chain E) during simulation.

Color denotes a probability of presence of a hydrogen bond in subsequent parts of the simulation.

H - α-Helix, G - 310-Helix, I - π-Helix, E - Strand, B - Bridge, C - Coil, T - Turn.

Job info

GS Mode: presenilin
Peptide substrate: APP
Substrate length [aa]: 33
Total length [ns]: 25
Membrane thickness [Å]: 31.0
SMD chain and residues: E 1-21
SMD velocity [m/s]: 0.025
SMD k [kcal/mol/Å2]: 1.0
SMD (x y z) [Å]: (4.275 0.984 -0.709)

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